Hello world!

The compulsory old-school note to let all interested to know that I have succeeded in adding some digital speck into the universe of ever growing jumble of virtual/digital specks! Or at least I finally found the correct “publish” button in this new fangled bloggy blog thing-ama-jigger…

Enjoy!.. or dont. Makes no difference one way or another. 😉

Author: paaso.fi

A wee bit touched on the head! Something , anything and pretty much everything that has to do with sea-kayaking has my undivided attention, adoration and possibly worse.. ;)

5 thoughts on “Hello world!”

    1. WOW Aapo! Ther first REAL live comment! Not a bot, or spam or myself either!!! wuhuu! I will try to be more productive with this bloggy blog thingy. 😉

  1. Ahoy there! Absolutely stunning photos of Orkney a.k.a ‘Greece’ (it’s an inside joke, folks). Really marvellous. Keep up the eye-catching photography and whimsical bloggy-blog!