Modifiying the new camera..

I had an old packet of that wonder goo called Sugru, the best before date had passed by a coupla months ago and then some.. It was coloured black!

My new waterproof pocket camera, a Olympus Tough 860 was ok, but I had noticed that the gripping “handle” was abit on the small size. With wet fingers it wasnt very “shure” fitting..

This is the itsy-bitsy teensy-weensy, gripping notch to hold onto the camera.. already have slipped and dropped the camera…

So.. I decided, what the hell.., might as well try it..

Enter the magic of Sugru!!
The new added grip! .. time will tell…?

Now I have a Sugru Customized camera.. As this is the third time during the past 3 months that I have used Sugru, I cannot  say anything about how well it works on the long term.. thus far shows lotsa promise!

The extended “Sugru ramp” feels a bit better gripping the camera and thus far hasn’t hindered any of the other functions. So its an improvement!

Laying out the Sugru was simple. Easy Peasy! Some thin rubber gloves to keep the fingers clean, a coupla small “spatulas” (ice-cream sticks) and a lead pencil to help shape and mold the “sugru ramp”. After that wait 24 hours and presto!


A wee bit touched on the head! Something , anything and pretty much everything that has to do with sea-kayaking has my undivided attention, adoration and possibly worse.. ;)