Day 6: Part rest and then onwards

Paddling past the setting sun. Waters were a bit lumpy.. but getting calmer

The much anticipated high winds storm did finally arrive to our location during the early hours of the day. Although it was more muted in our area it was bad enough to keep us ashore whiling the time away. Past midday the wind was showing signs of abating so we made moves to prepare for a night paddle. We had a larger body of water to cross , east of Emäsalo and wanted to cross that in near calm conditions.

We set off a little after 19:15. Winds were under 4 m/s but from the N /NW , it was pretty cold paddling! Actually it was Really really cold paddling after the sun went down!

Crossing the bay in setting sun conditions was a bit tense as paddling in the dark always has risks! We had our night lights so we could be seen and the only boating lane we crossed while the sun was still technically up. All went pretty well all things considered. We made it to a small isle located east off Haxalo called Norrholmen. There we had a midnight brew of tea and decided that rounding the southern point of Emäsalo, in the dark was too risky. So we pitched camp @ 23:55 and soon were making some zzzzz’s.

Author: Jouhou

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