So, it’s been awhile…

Neat picture eh? It has nothing to do with this post other than to catch your attention, and gives me something to post and twiddle about in the way of trying to learn this new wordpress way of doing things in the wordpress style.. after all its been 4 years an some since I last posted anything online.

Something prompted me to track down my old passwords usernames etc. Try to give this blog thingy another go…. If I can resurrect, reconnect or reconfigure this blog thing for whatever reason…

Anyhow.. now atleast I have a HUGE backlog of stuff to publish and post here.. LOTSA LOTSA LOTS of it!!

Enjoy !

Author: Jouhou

I suspect I'am a wee bit touched in the head ! Something, anything and pretty much everything that has to do with sea-kayaking has my undivided attention, adoration and possibly worse.. ;)