Rough Guesstimated route for summer paddle 2016

My biggest anticipated paddle for summer 2016 is the Finnish Coastal paddle. That is to say, paddle the finnish coast in its entirety from the Finnish-Russo border, Virojoki to the Finnish- Swedish border, Tornio.

To give some idea of the planned trip I made a VERY ROUGH DRAFT plan of the trip. That is to say it gives a very basic idea of where I will be paddling with Marko. From experience I know that the routes will probably differ either somewhat or alot depending on the weather, mood and /or  physical conditions encountered and experienced on the trip… so regard the map with a pinch of salt .. or two.




A wee bit touched on the head! Something , anything and pretty much everything that has to do with sea-kayaking has my undivided attention, adoration and possibly worse.. ;)

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