Archipelago National Park 2015

Same sunset sans kayaks

Right after the Åland paddling trip, I went on a shorter paddling trip with Marko who wanted to try out his sealegs, in the Archipelago National Park.  The nature of this trip was to take it easy and get the sense and feel of the sea.

The rough route of the trip went as follows: Parainen ferry landing-Paraisten portti – Högland – Sandö – Högsåra – Tunnhamn – Yxskären – Vänö – Örö – Häran – Bötskäret – Hangonkylä.

Apart from the first day the weather was grey, drab, rainy and windy. So  pretty typical of the time and location in question. However I was able to get some decent pictures of the overall trip.


A wee bit touched on the head! Something , anything and pretty much everything that has to do with sea-kayaking has my undivided attention, adoration and possibly worse.. ;)