Some irregularities with wordpress

Some may have noticed certain irregularities in the recent posts. All recent blog posts lack picture captions.  I have oainstakingly typed captions to all post pictures along the way. For some inexplicible reason Worfpress function looses sll image caotions after posting!!!!!!!!! And once posted.. I cannot re-edit the oictures without doing it all in html code… not an option!
So patience for now. If nothing else I will get back to updating posts at a later date!

For now must state that chinese water torture is probably more fun than trying to update wordpress blogs with nothing more than a smart phone! Heck, even Facebook works more reliably than WordPress!!!

Rant over!

Day 9: Skorvan – Porkkala – Stora Fagerö

The days biggest event would be crossing Porkkala bay/ fjord! Notorious for choppy seas the bay can be annoying to cross. For once we were lucky! As we approached Porkkala peninsula the Northwind simmered down and the waters were readonably wave free. Piece of piss! Never been this easy!

Lunchbreak before the crossing
Stora Fagerö
Setting sun @ Stora Fagerö

Day 6: Part rest and then onwards

Paddling past the setting sun. Waters were a bit lumpy.. but getting calmer

The much anticipated high winds storm did finally arrive to our location during the early hours of the day. Although it was more muted in our area it was bad enough to keep us ashore whiling the time away. Past midday the wind was showing signs of abating so we made moves to prepare for a night paddle. We had a larger body of water to cross , east of Emäsalo and wanted to cross that in near calm conditions.

We set off a little after 19:15. Winds were under 4 m/s but from the N /NW , it was pretty cold paddling! Actually it was Really really cold paddling after the sun went down!

Crossing the bay in setting sun conditions was a bit tense as paddling in the dark always has risks! We had our night lights so we could be seen and the only boating lane we crossed while the sun was still technically up. All went pretty well all things considered. We made it to a small isle located east off Haxalo called Norrholmen. There we had a midnight brew of tea and decided that rounding the southern point of Emäsalo, in the dark was too risky. So we pitched camp @ 23:55 and soon were making some zzzzz’s.

Day 5: Batten down the hatches


The weather forecast for the indefinite future ( 1-3 days) guesstimated a horrendous summer storm of epic proportions, approaching Finland from the NW..

So after 3 days of muscle grinding toil, we opted for the easier solution. Have a rest day! Besides R n R, we needed to have another look at Markos kayak, maybe do something about it, update blogs, prepare our camp for the impending storm and just lolly gag about.


Updating blogs with nothing but a smartphone is a pain! Slow, mistake ridden process! Cannot imagine why anyone would do it. Editing pictures is another nuisance, so I wont even bother! Try to cope with askew horizons and over or under-exposed images.. I miss my PC with Adobe Lightroom…


Marko’s kayak. After removing several layers of clear Gorilla tape, we first washed and rinsed (with fresh water)the  affected areas. Then fortunately the sun came out to help the wind dry it out… this took over several hours.


I had a small batch of 5-minute epoxy which I thought best suited for the job. The problem with  epoxy is that it generally needs 15-20 degrees centigrade air temperature to work.


This problem we think we might have solved by heating small stones, putting them in two cotton tennis socks and placing these stone warmers over the affected areas after the epoxy was filled into the gouges. Before applying the heat do to speak we put clear packing tape tightly,over the epoxy filled holes to act as an temporary mold. To protect the hull from excessive heat we used a 3 mm Polyethylene cutting board,  which also nicely bent into shape by the heat…


It was not pretty! But under the given circumstances we think we didn’t make things worse! 😁

After the epoxy cured the rest of the evening, we slapped on several layers of Gorilla tape.. time will tell…

As I write this blog @22:56 hrs.. we are still waiting for the storm to arrive….


A nifty website

Due to technical constraints.. ie. I do not know how? Iam unable to post detailed maps of the routes taken during the trip. These will come later. However I will try to describe the campsites and definitive turning points so that one can try to follow the progress of our trip roughly.

A handy tool is the excursion map.

Its not much but the map detail us high and it gives something for the reader, if maps are interesting? 😉