The best of Orkney 2015

This post doesn’t have any kayaking.. but it still has something to do with kayaking ! Orkney is one awesome destination for sea-kayaking and it is my sincere wish, hope, plan, nay a master-plan to go kayaking there someday… hence this post and hopefully pictures will explain more!

Last summer, during a 10 day visit to Orkney I was strictly on land and while watching the waves, came to the conclusion that when the day comes to go kayaking there.. I should know more, be more experienced and hopefully have some local expert to teach the quick low down.. ie. “where not to be and when..? ”

I bought the local sea chart of the Orkney area waters… and I must admit there were some new markings and timetables to learn. I gathered that they¬† have something to do with the tidal flows, waves , BIG water thing-ama-jigs! .. yikes – Crikey!

There was something in the rugged, windswept look in and around Orkney that I found alluring. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but somehow it felt like a place I might like. The most foreign feature in Orkney was the distinct lack of forests! Very very rare occurrence! For someone who works with wood and lives in a country where there are like a zillion trees.. this was very Veird! Takes abit to getting used to.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some pictures from Orkney! It’s s surprisingly nice place! ūüôā

At times some say… “Its just like Greece!” ūüėÄ